Education is food for life

Education is food for life

Education is a great way to broaden life skills
Pic © David Connop Price

I am a big believer in education as an important nutrient for developing people and their careers. So I naturally looked into college courses when I decided it was time to add more public relations skills to the wide-ranging attributes I gained working in journalism.

The upshot was that last month I began studying for the Public Relations Certificate at Simon Fraser University. It is a short but intense course taught by professionals who work in the field – and it has been a really invigorating shot to my system. I can feel a renewed vibrancy as my mind is enriched by the mental challenge of being trained to adapt to a discipline that, while not exactly new, does feel somewhat different to the writing trade I plied previously.

Using a sports analogy, picture a cyclist trained to achieve a high standard on the track then being coached on the techniques necessary to succeed as an endurance road racer and you might get an idea of how I feel. I imagine many of the basic skills and muscle groups used will be similar, but the way they honed and deployed will be different.

The course I am taking is teaching me how to redeploy the attributes I have and it is building up the mental muscles I will need to succeed. Education is providing the nutrients. It is truly food for life.


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