Reflecting on the City of Glass

City of Glass has become a nickname for Vancouver – one given prominence thanks to Douglas Coupland’s book of the same name.

Reflection Coal Harbour

In the City of Glass it is often possible to see more buildings than those physically in front of you
© David Connop Price

The famous author’s observation about the city he lives in is borne out by an amble downtown. I took just such a leisurely stroll on a sunny afternoon this past weekend and my camera was drawn to the play of light and reflection off the glass.

Reflection Downtown Vancouver

One building mirrors another in downtown Vancouver
© David Connop Price

Sun peaks through Coal Harbour

The forest of glass tower blocks does allow some sunlight to filter through
© David Connop Price

Reflection Convention Centre

Vancouver Convention Centre makes a grand canvas on which to view an early evening sky 
© David Connop Price


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