Remember Hurricane Sandy

Remember Hurricane Sandy. It might seem weird to urge people to remember a storm that has yet to hit the eastern seaboard of the United States. But as news networks gear up to bring us stunning satellite images of the hurricane, reports from storm-blown reporters on beach fronts and dodgy phone calls from meteorological aircraft, we should not forget that this so-called “Frankenstorm” has already slammed into Cuba, Jamaica and Haiti.

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy off the eastern United States of America.
(Credit: NASA GOES Project)

The coverage from the US is justified – this storm is predicted to affect 50million people when it hits land again. Thankfully, modern meteorology and information dissemination mean many people in the US have had time to batten down the hatches and move to shelters if necessary.

Sadly, in beleagured Haiti – which is still trying to recover from the devastating 2010 earthquake that killed 316,000, injured a similar number and left more than a million people displaced – the death toll from Hurricane Sandy is currently at 51. Across the Carribean 65 people have lost their lives.

It’s too early to say what effect the super storm will have on the US. Sadly, there may be some more deaths and the damage could well run into billions of dollars – and that is serious for the economy.

But the US is strong and will recover quickly. For people in Haiti the destroyed banana crops and washed away bridges could be relatively more damaging.


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