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Scoring with infographics

In early May I decided to learn more about one of the popular infographic tools available on the web because infographics can deliver complex information simply and concisely. This makes them useful for communications professionals delivering key messages in environments where competing demands on audience attention limit the time available to digest information.

Infogr.am was a fairly simple tool to use and it delivers bright, clear graphics. I used the free tool which provides a useful suite of basic options, but more functionality can be unlocked through its subscription service.

I based my infographic on the performance of Barclays Premier League (BPL) goal scorers because, in my spare time, I like to play Fantasy Premier League (FPL). I am particularly drawn to the statistical analysis side of the game and I like diving into the data to get a better understanding of the past, present and potential future returns a player is likely to generate for a team.

The viewer can see at a glance:

  • whether the top six scorers netted consistently throughout the season or in patches;
  • how just six players accounted for almost an eighth of all BPL goals by May 1;
  • that Giroud scored as many as Sanchez but in far less pitch time;
  • and that Agüero, Kane and Sánchez are more likely to score multiple goals in one match than Costa, Austin and Giroud.

An audience of experienced FPL players can use that information to adjust their player picks to deliver greater returns.