The Ultimate

As I write this a friend of mine is just a few hours away from taking part in the final of the Open Masters at the World Ultimate Championships in Japan. Mark and I used to play on the same team on the UK Mixed Tour about a decade ago.

When you tell people you play Ultimate Frisbee, the reaction of some is a friendly snort and the line: “I didn’t know Frisbee was a sport.”

Forget images of throwing the disc lazily between two friends on a beach. Ultimate is a pretty intense team sport involving great disc skills, a lot of sprinting on a football field-sized pitch and plenty of long matches.

Regardless of the result, I know that to get to that final Mark has put in thousands of hours of training and play. Whatever your sport, if you have put the dedication and effort in to being the best you can be then these moments are richly deserved.

  • Update: Mark scored a goal but his team, Australia, were beaten in the final 13 – 17 by Canada.

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